Loans with the Income Based Repayment (IBR) Program

Determine whether your loan is listed being an eligible loan under the income-based repayment program. Eligible loans are those made underneath the Direct Loan or FFEL programs.

Calculate your total quantity of student loan debt. If you do not have all of your records, use the online database at studentaid. erectile dysfunction. gov to pull up all of the home elevators your loans, whether they are consolidated, defaulted or even in repayment. The database will tell you the total of all your federal student loan programs. If you don't have the precise total for your student loans, estimate them.

Use the income-based online calculator to determine what your payment would be or if you be eligible for a the Income-Based Repayment program. The Department of Education finance calculator is available at studentaid. ed. gov. Input the five bits of necessary information -- your total adjusted gross earnings, estimated amount of qualifying student loans, the rate of interest (which is provided in the form), condition of residence and family size.

Call your loan holder to complete its official application if you qualify. Call each company that services your  federal student loan programs because you'll have to submit an application for each one of them since all of the loans are separate.